When you think you want to give up.

Over the last few days I’ve battle a lot of concerns. A son who is disabled from a car accident who can’t express his feelings, to a husband that doesn’t understand how to assist him, to a daughter who went through her first possible break up with a boy to my personal concerns with weight, college and separations.

You see, I’m a retired Marine, and challenges are simple to me. I’ve overcome my fears and fought obstacles that most women could never believe. But this past week, really kicked my butt.

My husband and I can’t seems to find the time to stop and listen to one another so out of all this…I’ve decided
with like everything else to take action.

Tonight after the long meeting with my professor I’ll be sitting down with a great bottle of wine, a set of handcuffs and a chair. We both will be handcuffed to chairs and have to talk to one another…I’ve ll let our know how this goes. 🙂


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