Slice of Life

So so thing I thought I would do here also is talk about one of my passions. Food. As I go to different places I’ll be critiquing the place and the food. So let’s start.

Tonight we drove to to Wilmington NC and we stopped by a local pizzeria called Slice of Life. Walking into the facility it was a nice atmosphere we sat ourself. The facility looked like we should have been greeted. Very nice. We waited about 5 minutes then we were approached by a well mannered gentleman. He had obviously what looked like 6 tables and the service was great. Food, we order nachos…these were mounded but dry. They were lacking something. Quesadilla, was ridiculous. This thing came out looking like a calzone. It was great. Pizza wasn’t the best. Crust was hand tossed and great but the sauce…mmm..not sure.
Cesaer salad was great. Fresh with great could really taste the anchovies. Over all food I give a 2/5 and everything else..5..

Maybe next time we will try a signature pizza


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